Born in 1978 in Dakar, Senegal, Alune Wade grew up surrounded by music. His father was a leader of a local symphonic orchestra, so Alune developed a natural gift for music at the young age of six.

At just 13, the bass became his chosen instrument. Though his mother objected, wanting her son to further his academic studies rather than become a professional musician, the support and encouragement from his father inspired Alune to perfect his craft and hone an original voice on bass.

After years of rigorous music instruction and performing in local bands all over Dakar, at 17, Alune ultimately gained a prominent spot as a bassist in his father’s orchestra. Just one year later, he auditioned and was chosen to perform with the great Senegalese musician Ismael Lo, touring as his bassist all across the globe.

In 2006, Alune released his debut solo album. MBOLO (which means “unity” in Wolof) combines his training in African rhythms with more contemporary and modern jazz influences. He further explored those influences on his 2010 effort AYO NENE.

Released in 2015, HAVANA-PARIS-DAKAR is a bridge between both Alune’s native and chosen homes (Dakar and Paris, respectively), as well as the birthplace of his featured and frequent collaborator, Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa.



African fast food – 2017
Produced and written by Alune Wade
Cristal records


Alune wade & Harold lopez nussa – 2015
Havana – Paris – Dakar
Produced and written by Alune Wade
World village – Harmonia mundi


Ayo nene – 2011
Produced and written by Alune Wade


Alune – Mbolo- 2008
Produced and written by Alune Wade
Tinkiso rue stendhal







Brown sugar – Alune wade
Recording session – African fast food album
Produced and written by Alune Wade
Fim by Vincent legal
La chemise production

Sama Rew – Alune wade
Recording session « SAMA REW » a tribute to my country.
Leo Genevese: Piano
Renaud Gensane: Trumpet
Felix Sabal lecco: Drums
Adriano Tenorio dd: Percussion
Fim by Vincent legal
La chemise production

Alune Wade & Harold López-Nussa – Aminata
Album : « Havana- Paris – Dakar » / World Village – harmonia mundi

Alune Wade & Harold Lopez – Sago
Live @ New Morning – 26/05/2015

Alune Wade & Harold Lopez – Aye Africa
Live @ New Morning – 26/05/2015



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